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WP Coder Pro is the WordPress plugin for embedding custom HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP snippets on your website pages and for creating unique template pages distinct from the theme.

If you don't have experience, just write code. Just do side projects. Just do as many side projects as possible.

Patryk MaronLead Engineer in London startup

Most of the knowledge comes from experience, but if you never experienced it, you're not supposed to know how to solve something straight away.

Serena BertozziJr. Front-end Dev @BBC

The biggest danger right now, is that you use ChatGPT to make a bunch of code you don't understand. If you want to be a programmer, make sure you're excited by it.

Robert SandersSelf-taught dev turned founder

Perfect Blend of
Simplicity and Power

Opt for a cleaner WordPress experience with WPCoder; add features with code snippets and lessen plugin overload.

Custom templates

Custom templates

Design custom templates for pages, posts, categories, and more, infusing your unique code for brand-aligned layouts.

Create templates for Posts:
  • All posts on the site
  • Posts with specific ID's
  • Custom type Posts
Create templates for Pages:
  • All Pages
  • Pages with specific ID's
  • Home Page
  • Posts Page
  • Search Page
  • 404 Error Page
  • Archive Page
Create template for Archives:
  • Categories with specific ID's or All Categories
  • Tags with specific ID's or All Tags
  • Authors with specific ID's or All Authors
  • Data Archive

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Include/Exclude assets

Include/Exclude assets

Increase site speed by adding only selected styles/scripts and removing redundant resources from the queue to optimize user experience.

Include and Exclude needed files only the page where it needs.

Includes assets
  • CSS files
  • JS files
  • Add attribute defer or async to JS files
Dequeue assets
  • CSS files of theme and plugins
  • JS files of theme and plugins

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Minification and optimization

Reduce file size and add attributes to scripts to optimize downloads.

  • Minification HTML code on frontend
  • Minification CSS
  • Add CSS code on frontend inline
  • Minification or Obfuscation JS code
  • Add JS code on frontend inline
  • Disable jQuery
  • Add attribute defer or async to JS
Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic

Utilize our Conditional Logic rule to dictate where your code will work.

Display Rules

Choose to display or hide the element on specific parts of your site.

  • Only page where insert Shortcode
  • Everywhere
  • Only on Posts
  • Only on selected Posts
  • Only on Posts in selected category
  • Only on Pages
  • Only on selected Pages
  • Only on Pages: Home, Posts, Search, 404 Error, Archive
  • Display only on Custom Posts
Devices Rules

Adjust visibility based on the device the visitor is using, such as desktop or mobile.

  • Disable on Mobile Devices
  • Disable on Desktop Devices

Set the element to appear or disappear during certain timeframes. This can be useful for time-limited offers or seasonal events.

  • Set the Weekday
  • Set start time
  • Set end time
  • Set date start
  • Set date end
Browsers Rules

Customize content based on your visitor's browser

  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Other
Users Rules

Adjust visibility based on user status, role (e.g., Subscriber, Contributor, Administrator), or even specific users for tailored content display.

Language Rules

If your site is multilingual, you can decide which elements appear for each language.

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Set of the WP Coder tools for helper develop websites more easily and faster.

The plugin WP Coder has the following tools
  • Tracking Code manager
  • Enable Style and Script on the Login Page
  • Enable Maintenance Mode
  • Enable Extra Icon
  • Enable Breadcrumbs

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Shortcode Attributes

Shortcode Attributes

Add custom attributes for shortcodes.

Enhance your shortcodes with custom attributes using WP Coder. Embed these attributes into your HTML code for tailored content display.

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Custom Code

Custom Code

Comprehensive support for custom code snippets including PHP, JS, CSS, HTML.

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Global PHP

Global PHP

Set the actions and hooks, that you need, in the global PHP file.

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It is incredibly ...

This site uses the default WordPress theme
Twenty Twenty-One

Thanks to the integration of the WP Coder PRO plugin, we have enhanced control and flexibility over the website's design and functionality. This powerful tool empowers us to effortlessly modify and customize templates for both pages and posts. Moreover, the plugin's snippet feature enables the creation and fine-tuning of websites to meet specific requirements, ensuring a tailored experience that aligns with our vision and goals.


What our customers say

I’ve been searching for a plugin like this for the past two years!

This is the best plugin to add custom html/css/js and conveniently add it anywhere using shortcode. Thank you Dmytro for creating this plugin!! A must have for all budding web designers!

birdbrainsolutions avatar
birdbrainsolutions User

The best

If you combine this plugin with CodePen, Elementor, and Astra, you can, literally, create a masterpiece. Thank you.

Mihai03 avatar
Mihai03 User

Easy to use and works great

Occasionally there’s a need to embed outside widget code or other code which WordPress may then strip the next time the page is edited. This is a very easy-to-use plugin that avoids this situation. It does a simple but important job very well. Thank you!

candyappledesign avatar
candyappledesign User

Flexible insert!

Not overloading the website, That’s it.

ugotta avatar
ugotta User

Love it

MashAllah This Plugin is awesome for coding in WordPress…


Works like a charm!

Thank you for such a useful plugin. It works like a charm!

theoryginal avatar
theoryginal User


This is the first plugin I’ve used for which I have no criticisms at all. It’s clean, simple, and works reliably, even when I fill it with fairly complex code. I can’t comment on the technical support, because I haven’t needed any!

markonrose avatar
markonrose User

Awesome and Super easy

Thank You So much, WP coder for making this plugin. It makes our job super easy and so convenient that even a layman can place the coding inside the WordPress site in a fraction of a second and so quickly. Warm regards to their team.

shashikantsingh2288 avatar
shashikantsingh2288 User

Saved me a lot of time

I know css/html/jquery but I have no experience creating WP plugins. For someone like me WP Coder makes it very easy to add custom code to WP. This plugin is fantastic!

JetteWP avatar
JetteWP User

Have the courage to create code right now?!

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Top 6 Reasons
to Use WP Coder

Reduce WordPress Plugin Count
Swap out multiple plugins; typically, sites include 6-8 plugins on average. Streamline your site with focused snippets rather than overloading it with complete plugins.
Conditional Logic for Code Snippets
Utilize our Conditional Logic rule to dictate where your snippets appear. Focus on particular pages with precise rules, preventing unnecessary script or snippet loading across the entire site.
Design independent templates outside of your theme constraints
Customize templates for pages, posts, categories, and beyond with your tailored code.
Disable the loading of non-essential styles and scripts
Boost page performance and quicken loading time by decluttering unnecessary styles and scripts from the load sequence.
Utilize minification tools and append attributes
Minify styles and scripts, then add specific attributes to those scripts to enhance page performance.
Import your codes to other sites
With the help of the Import-Export tool, you can easily transfer your codes to another site and use them wherever needed.