WP Coder Tools


Set of the WP Coder tools for helper develops websites more easily and faster.


Set of the WP Coder tools for helper develops websites more easily and faster.

The plugin WP Coder has the following tools:

  • Tracking Code manager
  • Enable Style and Script on the Login Page
  • Enable Maintenance Mode
  • Enable Extra Icon
  • Enable Breadcrumbs

Tracking Code manager

Easily add Tracking Code on your website of popular platforms like Google, Facebook, and Pinterest by adding their respective IDs, enabling seamless tracking and analytics.

Just enable this tool and add the tracking ID in the field for each platform.


Tracking Code

Enable Style and Script on the Login Page

An excellent solution for your website if you want to customize the login page to match your website’s branding. By customizing the login page, you can provide your users with a better experience and make your website look more professional and trustworthy.

Easily add custom style and script on the WordPress Login Page. Just create a code snippet and then enter the ID of the code in this tool and see the result on the Login page.


Enable Style and Script on Login Page

Enable Maintenance Mode

The tool allows the WordPress site administrator to close the website for maintenance mode. Show a customizable maintenance page on the frontend while performing a brief maintenance to your site. Logged-in administrators can still view the site as usual.

You can create an HTML, CSS, and JS snippet and add the ID of this snippet in the tool and this snippet will display how maintenance page.


Enable Maintenance Mode

Enable Extra Icon

Add the extra icon to the categories, tags, pages, and posts. You can insert the extra icon as an image or icon class.

For get the icon for category/tag use the function wpc_get_icon('tax', $tax_id); and for page/post use the function wpc_get_icon('post', $post_id);.

The function wpc_get_icon returns HTML for the image (if insert the image URL) or <span class="f-icon fi-wpcoder _color-primary"></span> if you use the classes for icons.

How to use:

You can use the functions:

  • wpc_get_icon('tax', get_queried_object_id()) – on taxonomy page
  • wpc_get_icon('post', get_the_ID()) – for page/post.


Add Icon to Category


PHP code to get Icon of the category


HTML Code for Category Icon

Enable Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are the secondary navigation that helps users understand where they are on the website.
To add breadcrumbs to your website use the function wpc_get_breadcrumbs().

The function can get the next array with options:


  • class-ol – class for tag ol
  • class-li – class for tag li
  • class-link – class for link
  • class-current – class for current element
  • class-separator – class for separator
  • separator – The separator between breadcrumb items.
  • display_current – Whether or not to display the current page. Default true.
  • taxonomy – The taxonomy that you want to output in the breadcrumb trail when you’re on a single post (or post type). Default category.
  • label_home – Label for the home item.
  • label_search Label for the search results page.
  • label_404 – Label for 404 page

The function returns the next HTML:

You can look at the simple example of Breadcrumbs on the codepen via link


Breadcrumb PHP code


Breadcrumb HTML code