Display Conditions

Utilize the Conditional Logic rule to dictate where your snippets appear.

WP Coder offers a versatile set of Display Conditions options, giving you granular control over when and where your custom code is implemented on your WordPress site. These conditions include:

  1. Display Rules: This option lets you control the specific pages, posts, or other areas of your site where your custom code will run. For instance, you can set your code to run only on specific posts, only on your homepage, or everywhere except a certain page.
  2. Devices Rules: With this feature, you can decide on which devices your custom code will run. This is particularly useful for implementing code that enhances or optimizes the user experience for specific devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.
  3. Users Rule: This option allows you to control which users see the effects of your custom code based on their user role. For example, you might want to implement certain changes that only administrators or subscribers will see.
  4. Browsers Rules: This feature enables your code to run only on specific browsers. It’s handy when you have certain scripts or styles that work better or are only needed on specific browsers.
  5. Language Rule: With this feature, you can run your custom code based on the language of your site. This is particularly useful for multilingual websites where you may want to apply different scripts or styles for different languages.
  6. Schedule: This powerful feature allows you to control when your code is implemented based on a specific schedule. You can set start and end dates and times, allowing you to seamlessly run holiday-themed changes, timed promotions, or any other temporary changes.

With these options, you can ensure that your custom code executes precisely under the specified conditions, improving your site's performance and user experience.

WPCOder PRO display conditions