A quick guide about the block "Publish" and its options.

The WP Coder plugin includes a variety of Publish Options that give you complete control over how and when your item is used on your site. These options include:

Status (activate/deactivate): This option lets you easily turn your custom code on or off. This can be helpful when you need to troubleshoot issues or when you want to stop using a piece of code temporarily without deleting it.

Test Mode: With this feature, you can safely test your new code without affecting your live site. When Test Mode is activated, only administrators can see the effects of the code. This is a great way to ensure your code works as expected before showing it to all your visitors.

Insert Tag for Organizing Items (Optional): This option lets you add tags to your items, making it easier to categorize and manage them. This can be especially handy when you have many pieces of items and need an efficient way to find specific ones.

Link to the Page with Item (Optional): This feature allows you to add a link to the specific page where your code snippet will be active. It’s a convenient way to keep track of where your various code snippets are being used across your site.

Shortcode: After you’ve added your custom code, the plugin will generate a unique shortcode. You can use this shortcode to add your code anywhere shortcodes are accepted on your site, such as posts, pages, or widgets. This allows you to easily control where your code is implemented without having to edit your theme files.

These options ensure you can effectively manage and control your custom code, enhancing your site’s performance and the overall user experience.

WP Coder Publish options